Fortune Wigs by Aderans Medical Wigs
Introducing Fortune Wigs by Aderans lineup of medical wigs.

Selecting a medical wig

The most important thing to consider when buying a medical wig isthe burden placed on the wearer

Since the head becomes delicate with hair loss, we recommend wearing a medical wig as it has been crafted with various features such as being gentle on the skin, breathable, made from mild materials and has undergone antibacterial treatment.

There are various wig materials and suitable styles depending on the customer. In order for you to be able to select a wig comfortably and reliably, it is important to have some knowledge on wigs and know the secret to selecting the right one so you do not make a mistake.

The most important thing to consider when buying a medical wig is the burden placed on the wearer
  • Selecting the right material for you

    There are 3 types of materials: synthetic fibers, a mixture of synthetic fibers and human hair and human hair.
    Each of these has its own special characteristics. Please select the one best suited to your needs.

    material Good points Points of concern
    Synthetic fiber
    • Made from synthetic fiber with an affordable price
    • Maintains style well
    • As the hair cannot be dyed, we have arranged several colors of hair
    • Less natural than human hair.
    • Less durable than other materials. The end of the hair become frizzy due to static from body heat.
    • Requires a special shampoo
    Mixed hair
    • Using synthetic hair for the base, the naturalness of human hair has also been incorporated
    • Difficult to change the style
    • The end of the synthetic hair become frizzy due to body heat.
    Human Hair
    • The most natural appearance, texture and luster
    • Capable of being permed or dyed
    • Okay to use dryers
    • More expensive
    • May lose color (this can be addressed with dyeing)
  • Finding the style that suits you

    Do you want to keep a style similar to the one you had or take this chance to change your image?
    The key to finding a style you will like is selecting a wig you will be able to use for a long time. Please consult one of our in-store advisors about your needs and lifestyle.

    Short style Stylish, short hair. A great choice for easy styling and maintenance.
    Semi-long style Matching a wide range of age groups, a semi-long style that will never grow old. Choose a slightly light color to create a natural and gentle atmosphere.
    Long style A lustrous, long and straight style that has been timelessly sought after by women.
    The young, layered style is also charming.
  • Picking the color best for you

    Fortune Wigs by Aderans offers a rich variation of colors for its wigs. Whether picking natural color or trying a bold one, you can make your selection according to your preferences and needs. If you need, help please consult with one of our in-store advisors.

    Color features

    • F2B: Natural hair colors

      F2B: Natural hair colors
    • F3: Dark brown

      F3: Dark brown
    • F4: Brown

      F4: Brown
    • F10: Light brown

      F10: Light brown
    • F31: Brown mix

      F31: Brown mix
    • 63G: Dark brown gradation

      63G: Dark brown gradation

    *Custom-made wigs offer an even greater variation of colors

Our series of medical wigs: Features of ready-made wigs

was created for women concerned with the delicate hair resulting from treatment or illness.

These wigs are loaded with functions in order to meet the needs of women looking for a natural style and deliver a comfortable fit that even first time users can wear without worry.

was created for women concerned with the delicate hair resulting from treatment or illness.was created for women concerned with the delicate hair resulting from treatment or illness.
  • Using antibacterial and deodorant processing agents

    The lining of the RM23 and RM24 wig caps utilizes a antibacterial and deodorant processed material to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the fabric and provide a deodorizing effect.

  • Wash in warm water for easy maintenance

    The hair material used in RM23 and RM24 is a mixture of carefully selected human hair with advanced shape-retaining synthetic fiber (synthetic hair). The shape will not change even after washing under warm water with shampoo.
    *Use water between 30 to 40℃.

    Wash in warm water for easy maintenance
  • The quality of completely handmade wigs

    Wigs are created by putting each strand of hair in place by hand. Test the level of quality that comes with professional craftsman carefully fixing each hair to the fine mesh netting.

  • For an always clean fit

    You can use shampoo and treatment at home without a worry. What’s more, the wigs have undergone antibacterial and deodorant processing to maintain a fit that always feels clean.

  • A natural part to give you peace of mind

    We offer a type that uses a skin (artificial skin) to produce an even more natural part.
    *RM20 does not carry the skin.

  • A natural texture

    Utilizing mixed hair that combines synthetic fibers and human hair. With natural body and bounce, enjoy a natural texture close to that of human hair.
    *R01 is a synthetic fiber.

    A natural texture
  • Use the adjuster to alter the size

    There is an adjuster on the inside of the wig so that you can easily adjust the wig to the size of your head. We also offer unlimited size adjustments free-of-charge.

List of products

We cut and adjust the sizes of our wigs according to the needs and facial features of each of our customers. Please feel free to try one on when visiting our shops.

  • R01


    A light medium layered cut that gently touches the shoulders.

    • Adjuster
  • RM20


    A charming short cut with a soft sense of volume.

    • Adjuster
    • Mixed hair
  • RM21


    A style giving off a highly favorable impression to draw out the charm of the wearer.

    • Adjuster
    • Mixed hair
  • RM22


    A medium-layered bob cut offering the fragrance of femininity.

    • Adjuster
    • Mixed hair
  • RM23


    A popular and timelessly-desired standard short-layered bob cut.

    • Adjuster
    • Mixed hair
    • Antibacterial and deodorant processing
    • Elastic cap
  • RM24


    A medium-layered bob cut with lengthy bangs to allow for cutting and arranging.

    • Adjuster
    • Mixed hair
    • Antibacterial and deodorant processing
    • Elastic cap

Methods for wig maintenance

Proper maintenance is extremely important in creating a pleasant wig experience.
If you have any questions regarding maintenance methods or products,
feel free to ask us anything.

Please use shampoo and treatment exclusively made for wigs

Standard usage amount: For both shampoo and treatment, add 1 tablespoon (approx. 15ml) to a sink basin filled with water (approx. 1.5 to 2l)
For everyday wig usage, shampoo/treat your wig around once a week to once every 10 days.
*Do not use warm water

Our RM23 and RM24 custom-made products may be washed using warm water (30 to 40℃)

  • step01

    Before shampooing, brush the hair to remove tangles and dust. Fully insert the plug and add the wig shampoo to the water. After creating a lather, wash the wig starting from the tips by using a coarse brush or the tips of one fingers.
    *Do not leave in the solution or wash by rubbing.

  • step02

    Rinse the wig in water (running or otherwise) once again starting at the tips. Next, let the wig soak for 2 to 3 mins in water containing the wig treatment and rinse gently.

  • step03

    After rinsing, lightly press on the wig with a dry towel to remove moisture. For wigs with a skin (artificial skin), take special care to remove moisture from the inside. Moisture left inside will make the artificial skin prone to damage.
    *Avoid using a dryer or exposing to direct sunlight.

  • step04

    Shake the wig well to return its curls and style while still in a half-dry state. Afterwards, let it dry naturally indoors.

Recommended maintenance set

  • [For ready-made wigs]Wig shampoo

    [For ready-made wigs]
    Wig shampoo

    A wig shampoo exclusively for ready-made wigs to assist with wig maintenance.

  • [For ready-made wigs]Wig treatment

    [For ready-made wigs]
    Wig treatment

    A wig treatment exclusively for ready-made wigs to assist with wig maintenance.

  • [For ready-made wigs]Shampoo and treatment

    [For ready-made wigs]
    Shampoo and treatment

    An all-in-one type that allows for both shampooing and treatment with a single bottle. (For custom-made wigs)

  • Pro-styling spray(For wigs and natural hair)

    Pro-styling spray
    (For wigs and natural hair)

    A product exclusively for helping you style and set your hair or wig.

  • [For ready-made wigs]Wig treatment

    [For ready-made wigs]
    Wig treatment

    A brush exclusively for assisting in the maintenance and styling of wigs.

  • [For custom-made wigs]Shampoo and treatment

    [For custom-made wigs]
    Shampoo and treatment

    Store your wig or top piece here, when at home.